Q & A

How do I order?

As everything is bespoke it is better to have a discussion on your individual needs, it is best to call me on 07912 889964 to discuss cost, postage and payment.

I don’t like Red!

Baubles can be made up in any colour you like providing stock is available. Baubles are available in glass and wood as well as plastic in different shapes and sizes.

No Cheesy Verses unless you want them

Some of them are terrible aren’t they? With my cards and baubles, I can include any sentiment you like, one that actually means something personal or I can just leave it blank for you to write exactly what you like.

I can’t see what I want on the website

Each and every thing is individually made to order and what you see on the website is just a small sample of the things I can make. Just like any catalogue, it is kept up to date so many items are not included on the website. Most include very personal photographs and details so they cannot be displayed on my website publicly.

I don’t have any decent photos

They don’t have to be very high quality since they are no more than an inch wide but if the original photo is blurred it will stay blurred! Don’t worry about the background too much, most of it can be removed. It does help if the head isn’t right on the edge.

How quickly can you turn these round?

Normally 24 hours provided I have the materials in stock.